Strawberry Bellini

$5.00 - $10.00

Strawberries + Tropical White Peaches
Mango + Vanilla Beans
Candles are made with Joy Wax & wax melts are made with Pillar of Bliss.

Strawberry Bellini is a sweet and fruity fragrance that effortlessly combines a delightful blend of notes to capture the essence of a refreshing cocktail.
It opens with the luscious and vibrant aroma of Strawberries, evoking the juicy sweetness of ripe berries.
The heart of the scent introduces the exotic and tropical allure of White Peaches and Mango, adding a sunny and tropical dimension.
The fragrance is beautifully rounded out with the creamy and comforting notes of Vanilla Beans, enhancing the overall richness and indulgence. Strawberry Bellini is reminiscent of sipping on a fruity and indulgent bellini cocktail on a warm and sunny day. It's a fragrance that combines the sweetness of strawberries with tropical delights, making it an ideal choice for creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.