Snickerdoodle Latte

$5.00 - $10.00

Columbian coffee
Cinnamon Sticks + Gingerbread + Maple Syrup
Vanilla Butter Cream
Candles are made with Joy Wax & wax melts are made with Pillar of Bliss.

Snickerdoodle Latte is a delightful and indulgent fragrance that beautifully combines a medley of notes to capture the essence of a beloved coffeehouse treat.
It begins with the rich and robust aroma of Colombian coffee, creating a warm and inviting foundation.
The heart of the scent unfolds with the comforting blend of Cinnamon Sticks, Gingerbread, and Maple Syrup, evoking the sweet and spicy flavors of a snickerdoodle cookie.
The fragrance is perfectly rounded out with the creamy and luscious notes of Vanilla Butter Cream, adding a touch of sweetness and indulgence. Snickerdoodle Latte is the olfactory equivalent of savoring a freshly brewed latte infused with the cozy flavors of cinnamon and maple syrup, reminiscent of a snickerdoodle cookie. It's an ideal choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that captures the comforts of a coffeehouse treat.