Love & Passion

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both dark and sweet at the same time. Notes of Dark rose, plum, peppercorn, patchouli, vanilla.
"I deserve the very best,
I love myself,
I am a good person.
Every day, in every way, I feel better, i am getting better, i am better."
Pink helps release emotional traumas, and feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy

Preparing to use your candle:

keep in mind to eliminate any negative energy by facing east , hold the oil and say "I bless this oil and consecrate it for the purpose of ________. My purpose is good, and i ask for the divine protection on me, this oil, and my goal(s). Thank you,"

cleanse your candle by making sure your candle is free from dust/dirt, and by soaking a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and wipe the container down. Allow to dry.

"Each day of the week is related to a particular planet, which ink turn relates to a variety of different energies. it follows that these days are good times to perform magic thats drelates to these energies.

Monday is ruled by the moon; th moon is concerned with healing, emotions, protection, purity, memory, and women; the color for monday is white

Tuesday is ruled by mars; mars is concerned with courage, loyalty, wealth, power, and force; the color for tuesday is red

Wednesday is ruled by mervury' mercury is concerned with comminutication, business, travel, thought, humor, and all forms of self expression; the color for wednesday is purp;e

thursday is ruled ny jupiter; jupiter is concerned with ambition, expansion, abundance, success, generosity, honor, and growth; the color for thurs is blue

friday is ruled by venus; venus is concerned with love, romance, sex, home and family, pleasure, and fun; the color for friday is green

saturday is ruled by saturn; saturn is concerned with delays, obstacles, real estate, parience, and hard work; the color for saturday is black.

sunday is ruled by the sun; the sun is concerned with leadership, protection, prosperithy, creativitu, and success; the color for sunday is yellow"